White Paper: Consumers Demand a More Sustainable Supply Chain


Over the past decade, the global supply chain has expanded, innovated and transformed into an efficient ecosystem that businesses and consumers rely on every day. Projections predict that by 2025, U.S. merchandise shipments will grow another 23.5% and show no signs of stopping. The projections of yesterday and tomorrow continue to shine the spotlight on a major issue that continues to grow within the industry and among the general public: sustainability.

Redwood Logistics, one of North America’s fastest growing supply chain and logistics companies, has partnered with FreightWaves to find out what steps shippers are already taking to clean up their supply chains and what are their plans for the future. FreightWaves interviewed shippers in a wide range of industries – from consumer packaged goods and retail to chemicals and automotive – to provide a comprehensive overview of the state of the industry.

Although the challenges continue to increase, the industry is ready to tackle this monumental task. In this white paper, we reveal the latest data among shippers regarding their sustainability goals, management, strategies and more.

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