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On Thursday 5th December, Level 2 Business Studies students at Henley College had the chance to learn about retail from James Lingard, Managing Director of the 4th largest Tesco in the UK. James is also a governor at Henley College.

At Henley College, we find it very useful to bring in regular guest speakers to speak to students on a variety of different topics. It can really bring their studies to life and with real examples of work, our students are able to understand how the work they do can and will become relevant to them as they move on after university. It is also an incredibly engaging way to teach units of work to students and the differentiation provided by our lecturers provides a brilliant working environment.

Recently, James Lingard, Managing Director of the 4th largest Tesco in the UK and Governor of Henley College, gave a talk to our Level 2 Business Studies students to give them the opportunity to learn about the business of retail.

The 2 hour session was for a unit called “People in Organizations”. Through this unit, students learn about various aspects related to organizational structures, work roles within each department, and how various teams work together towards a common goal in an organization. James linked all of these aspects to Tesco, discussing real life examples, which no doubt helped our students meet the demands of their assessed work.

The students clearly enjoyed learning from this session, as seen in some of their comments below:

Lemar Hepburn says: “I learned the difference between team leaders and leaders at Tesco. My future aspirations are to work for an organization like Tesco and help them achieve their goals and targets”

Richeal Owusu explained that she “discovered the departments within Tesco, the different levels within each department and the importance of each. We walked through organizational structures and professional roles of departments; we learned about management and other managerial positions at Tesco, such as directors. »

James then emailed to express his joy at leading the session. He wrote, “Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I really enjoyed my time with your Level 2 students today – a leisurely start but once ‘warmed up’ I thought they were fabulous. J “Hope I’ve imparted some knowledge. It was really great to see the potential in these kids struggling to figure out what to do – great job.”

Obviously, this session was very successful overall.

In the future, James and his colleagues at Tesco have promised to conduct one-on-one interviews with students, which will not only give them experience in practicing interview skills, but will also help them complete their assessed work for the unit.

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