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Sebamed unveiled another intriguing #NoConditionsApply campaign for its hair care portfolio. Focusing on consumer education and empowerment, the brand, through this campaign, draws attention to the misleading advertising of various hair care brands and urges consumers to switch to “Sebamed Anti Hair Loss Shampoo” with advantages of pH 5.5.

A satirical and ironic version of the disinformation peddled by hair care brands – this latest Sebamed commercial takes place in a courtroom, where the personification of commonly misused “terms apply” is the subject of a trial ! A judge questions “applicable conditions,” who pleads not guilty to all charges and blames hair care brands for hiding the truth from consumers. This is in keeping with Sebamed’s core values ​​of honesty and clear message that “No shampoo or soap can regrow lost hair, but you can prevent further hair loss by using a scientifically superior shampoo with benefits. of pH 5.5 “.

Shashi Ranjan, Head of Consumer Business, said, “Hair loss is one of the biggest concerns of both male and female consumers. Sebamed continuously conducts consumer studies to understand hair problems and formulates effective solutions with pH 5.5 benefits. Through the “#NoConditionsApply” campaign, we are meeting the needs of discerning consumers by revealing the truth behind anti-hair loss product claims. We are confident that our honest and differentiated message on hair loss will resonate with our audience. “


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