New priority list of goods on wholesale and retail sales


On November 12, 2021, the Ministry of Commerce (“MOC”) published its newsletter n ° 19/2021 to revoke MOC’s newsletter n ° 3/2018 of July 26, 2018 and prescribe a new priority list merchandise (“Priority List“) which are permitted for foreign companies and joint ventures to sell at market demand either through wholesale or retail sales (“Authorized goods“). Authorized goods include: –

  1. Consumer goods, including clothing, watches, cosmetics;
  2. Foodstuffs, including agricultural products (except certain types of products which are not allowed to be imported into Myanmar), aquatic products, animal products, instant foods, various types of beverages , domestically produced alcohols and food raw materials;
  3. Household products, including articles of enamel, earthenware, glassware, glass;
  4. Kitchen appliances;
  5. Pharmaceutical products and hospital equipment;
  6. Animal feed and veterinary drugs;
  7. Stationery store;
  8. Furniture;
  9. Sport stuff;
  10. Communication apparatus, including telephones, cameras;
  11. Electronic products;
  12. Construction materials and equipment;
  13. Electronic appliances;
  14. Chemicals for industrial use;
  15. Industrial products and raw materials;
  16. Seeds, agricultural supplies and other uses of materials in agriculture;
  17. Machines for agriculture;
  18. Various types of machinery and spare parts;
  19. Various types of bicycles;
  20. Various types of motorcycles and spare parts;
  21. Various kinds of spare parts for motor vehicles and machines;
  22. Toys;
  23. Home decoration, including flowers and plants;
  24. Various types of crafts and souvenirs; and
  25. Works of art, musical instruments and other related accessories, excluding antiques.

Authorized goods must be produced at added value and sold domestically as a priority. The priority list can be changed and re-edited from time to time as needed.


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