Nature’s Pride invites consumers to the Avocado Tour | Article


Dutch group Nature’s Pride has launched a new campaign to highlight the versatility of its Eat Me brand avocados and to encourage people to consume the fruit in new and different ways.

Despite skyrocketing sales growth in Europe over the past few years, new research from GfK indicates that many consumers still don’t know how to use and prepare avocados.

That’s why the company, which is Europe’s largest importer of avocados, has launched the Avocado Tour, a new marketing initiative designed by the World Avocado Organization.

Over the summer, it will provide shoppers with easy recipes and new ways to eat avocados throughout the day.

“As an avocado expert, we know better than anyone what this versatile fruit has to offer,” says Wilbert Hordijk, marketing and communications manager at Nature’s Pride. “You can eat avocado on your bread in the morning, use it as a snack in your salad, or add it to your poke bowl during dinner. Avocados can be used throughout the day.

To increase sales, the company’s marketing strategy is based on data-driven consumer insights and product knowledge, says Hordijk.

“Understanding the consumer is key to creating value,” he comments. “Using the profile of the avocado buyer, we can understand buying behavior and respond to their needs and wants. We also use online search behavior for recipe selection. Many popular research combinations, such as avocado with egg and avocado with salmon, are included.

Retail Strategy

Eat Me Avocados by Nature's Pride

Supporting individual customers is also at the heart of the group’s approach, he explains. “Alongside the promotions, we hold in-store demonstrations with different ingredients to awaken the senses and create the ultimate product experience. The consumer can smell, see and taste the avocado and receive an immediate explanation about the product. »

In some stores, special “food truck” displays will create additional, more engaging shelf space. “The striking point-of-sale material and recipe inspiration cards also grab people’s attention,” suggests Hordijk. “This way we can educate consumers about the versatility of avocado.”

Online, meanwhile, Nature’s Pride uses location-based advertising that allows it to target specific groups of consumers within a 2km radius of any point of sale.

“The repeating mechanism of action in online advertisements drives these consumers to come to the store or webshop,” says Hordijk. “And it wouldn’t be a summer festival without music. The Eat Me Spotify playlist full of summer hits gives the campaign extra momentum.

Eat Me avocados are also better for the environment, he adds, because their shelf life is extended through the use of a plant-based protective coating developed by Apeel.

“We are ensuring that the consumer has more time to enjoy ready-to-eat avocado and helping to prevent food waste. If it doesn’t go with your breakfast, you can always incorporate it into your lunch. This way we can all enjoy high quality for longer and contribute to a better world. This is our mission.


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