Malaysia’s wholesale and retail trade saw double-digit decline in July 2021 – DOSM


KUALA LUMPUR (September 10): Malaysia’s wholesale and retail trade fell in double digits for two consecutive months with -14.7% to 92.7 billion ringgit in July 2021, as Malaysia s ‘is quarantined amid worsening Covid-19 cases, the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM) said.

Chief statistician Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Uzir Mahidin said the motor vehicle sub-sector suffered the most, plunging -85.4% or RM11.8 billion to record sales of RM2 billion, while the retail trade also fell by -8.1% or 3.6 billion RM to 41.1 billion RM.

“This was followed by wholesale trade, which fell -1.1% or 0.5 billion ringgit to 49.5 billion ringgit.

“However, for a month-to-month comparison, the sales value edged up 0.5%, down from -14.8% reported last month as a few states entered phase two of the plan. national stimulus that has enabled certain economic and distribution sectors to be operational, ”Mohd Uzir said in the department’s wholesale and retail performance report for July 2021, which was released today.

Looking at performance across all sub-sectors, he said that the growth of the motor vehicle sub-sector of -85.4% in July 2021 was driven by motor vehicle sales which fell by -83. , 8% or 6.8 billion RM to 1.3 billion RM.

This was followed by the sale of auto parts and accessories with -87.4% to a record RM 0.4 billion.

Likewise, motor vehicle maintenance and repair also fell by -88.7% to RM 0.2 billion, followed by motorcycle sales, maintenance and repair with growth of -86, 9% to reach RM 0.1 billion, said Mohd Uzir.

“On the other hand, in comparison on a month-to-month basis, sales in this sub-sector registered a significant increase of 118.6%, driven by sales of motor vehicles which increased by 275, 1%, the showrooms and sales centers having been authorized to operate in phase two. States, ”he added.

Mohd Uzir also noted that the Internet retail index of all types of products grew 9.4% year on year compared to 8.7% in June 2021.

“As for seasonally adjusted data, the index rebounded 4.7% against -2.8% recorded the previous month,” he said.

In terms of volume index, wholesale and retail trade recorded an annual growth of -16.7%.

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