Lotus Retail Management cooperates with Buy2Sell to expand the business, development and direct management of retail for international brands in Vietnam


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 25 November 2021 / PRNewswire / – Lotus Retail Management (LRM) is owned by LLHP Pte. Ltd in Singapore, same group as Buy2sell Vietnam. LRM has in-depth knowledge of the Vietnamese market and a strong retail distribution system and in-depth understanding of consumer behavior from different industries.

Management of Lotus Retail in Vietnam

Lotus Retail Management is an all-in-one solution for opening new retail facilities in Vietnam for international brands to develop their physical presence in Vietnam and Singapore. LRM manages all processes from site research, design, construction, human resources management, importation, production sourcing, marketing, distribution, customer experience, etc. The areas targeted by LRM are exclusive stores for fashion, cosmetics and healthcare (non-drug) brands.

Understanding the local market is the key to success

Lotus Retail Management has the advantage of being knowledgeable about the local market and has a great source of potential customers. To succeed in Vietnam, businesses must take a long time to research and truly understand local culture, consumer trends and habits. For LRM, the Vietnam is a potential market for companies to develop a sales network in South East Asia for new international brands. The post office COVID time is the most fruitful period to start fresh and strong on new ground.

Vietnam is the best region of Asia for the manufacturing industry

Vietnam is the most attractive place in South East Asia for brands to move around and develop their production. There are abundant human resources, vast land, favorable weather conditions and a growing economy. Vietnam has become a destination of choice for investments in the manufacturing sector, as global companies are while searching diversify their supply chains, reduce dependence on China and optimize the supply chain. from Vietnam strategic geographical location Which one is close to manufacturing and consumer markets; as well as its integrated network of free trade agreements, now including CPTPP, EVFTA and RCEP, are all factors in its success.

Prediction of a new super-rich population in the region

from Vietnam The super-rich population is growing faster than any other economy in the world, according to a new international study, and is poised to continue to dominate growth over the next decade. Vietnamese are ready to learn, adapt and welcome international multiculturalism without any religious restrictions.

British independent real estate consultancy Knight Frank’s wealth report shows there are 200 very high net worth people in Vietnam who are identified as having assets to invest of at least $ 30 million, excluding personal and immovable property such as a primary residence, collectibles and consumables. In Vietnam, this group of super-rich grew by 320% between 2000 and 2016, the fastest in the world against 290% for India and 281% for China, according to the report.

The future prosperous economy of Asia

Singapore, Korea and Japan are still the biggest investors in Vietnam. Although some investments in areas such as retail, buildings and infrastructure from Korean investors and Japan, an interesting point to note is that some American and European investors use their parent companies to Singapore invest in Vietnam. COVID-19, affects the world on a global scale. Vietnam that other countries are going through the same challenges. But the most important thing is to see the potential of the future and to continue to develop.A representative from Lotus Retail Management shared.

Lotus Retail Management believes its judgments are the same as those of global experts and investors. With experience and an overview of the potential of Vietnam, LRM is certain that any company entering the Vietnam will see many successes in the future to come, especially from 2022 to 2025, as it will be the economic growth after the COVID-19 crisis. LRM will be the bridge to help international companies develop and manage their entire supply chain from Vietnam as an export hub to the Asia Pacific Region.

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