How to Use the Clienteling Strategy to Engage Shoppers and Drive Retail Sales


This PSFK guide is a customer strategy report for brands and retailers to help them increase sales and improve customer experience through the use of customer tools.


Over the past few years, the expectations of modern shoppers have evolved as quickly, if not more so, than the retail landscape itself. To transact and retain this new wave of consumers who may be reluctant to trade the convenience and personalized customer base of e-commerce for an in-store shopping experience, retailers are combining the best digital personalization tools with holistic and crossed. channel customer services to improve the customer experience on key pre-purchase and post-purchase touchpoints.

Presentation of the report

In this Customer Strategy report, researchers at PSFK iQ explore the ways leading retailers and brands are boosting their customer engagements through multi-channel tools that improve customer experience and build meaningful relationships with high-end customers. value. Among trends and supporting examples, learn about retail technology, personalized customer service solutions, and key customer strategies that meet the high needs and expectations of today’s consumers.

What you will learn in this report

  • How leading retailers are engaging their buyers with 1:1 training and support around purchasing decisions, leveraging successful e-commerce customer profile learnings to leverage data-driven insights into preferences and customer behavior patterns
  • How retailers and consumer goods companies are leveraging innovative platforms and tools like AI, apps, chat, video, and more. to deliver personalized and tactile shopping experiences across all channels
  • Through accurate, in-the-moment scalable support, how businesses discover they can drive not only greater value, but also customer satisfaction, trust, and loyalty
  • How to meet buyer expectations with omnichannel support solutions, smart curation, front-line expertise, cross-platform membership offers, and how more personalized offers will be an increasingly important driver of sales success at detail in the future

What’s in this report?

In this Customer Strategy report, researchers at PSFK iQ outline ways leading retailers and brands can boost their customer engagements with multi-channel tools that improve customer experience and build meaningful customer relationships. valuable.

This 11-page PDF customer strategy report provides:

  • 5 Customer Strategies to Deliver a Superior Customer Experience
  • 15 Best Examples of How Brands and Retailers Are Using Customer Strategies to Align With Their Consumers’ Wants and Expectations
  • Case studies include Fender, Lowes, Macy’s, Amazon and more
  • Market statistics and consumer insights on changing behaviors and consumer mindset expectations for virtual selling and service

Who prepared this report?

This Customer Strategy report was produced by the same PSFK research department that, since 2004, has provided trend-driven innovation advice to Apple, BMW, Facebook/Meta, Google, Microsoft, Samsung and Volkswagen.


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