GROWERS announces commercial launch of new agricultural retail sales


DURHAM, NC, December 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Data collection technology has advanced to the point of overwhelming ag retailers and farmers. Farm businesses need clear, actionable data. They need technology to simplify their lives and improve their relationships with their customers and employees. Today, GROWERS unveiled a platform that makes sense of the chaos and finally puts technology to work for agricultural retailers.

GROWERS, a North Carolina-based agricultural technology company, announced that after a year of testing, its flagship GROWERS Rally â„¢ is available for commercial use. GROWERS Rally was created to help the agricultural retail business stay relevant in today’s competitive sales environment. Salespeople can access a single view of the customer, predict future sales, organize farm and product information, and make informed and meaningful recommendations.

“GROWERS Rally is built around the needs of agricultural retailers and their farmer customers. The need for close collaboration between farmers and agricultural retailers has never been greater. Based on our experience in this market, we have found that most of the existing solutions only partially meet these needs or are too cumbersome, ”said Steven Valencsin, CEO of GROWERS.

GROWERS Rally caters to all levels of the agricultural retail organization. Frontline salespeople get useful information like universal prices and product listings, view sales history, easily apply manufacturer rebate programs, and the ability to quickly and easily send product quotes and quotes. prices directly to customers by SMS or e-mail. Management enjoys the peace of mind of knowing that every salesperson uses current and accurate prices and can effectively forecast product needs by accessing all team-produced quotes and year-to-year sales data. ‘other for each customer.

“Agricultural retailing is a tough business in a complex industry,” said Andi D’Agostino, vice president of products, GROWERS. “The goal of the GROWERS Rally team is to accommodate but reduce the complexity with which our users navigate each day as front-line salespeople, managers and retail support staff. If we really understand their needs, we can remove the heavy workload and create information so that they can focus on what only they can do, building a strong business.

In the end, the farmers are the main beneficiaries of GROWERS Rally, as they experience a more professional buying process, with all the advantages of the personal and face-to-face relationship that they have with their agricultural retailers.

Valencsin adds that until now there was no good tool to facilitate the relationship between the farmer and the agricultural retailer.

“GROWERS Rally documents the relationship, which provides a professional sales experience and only enhances the professionalism and proactive sales approach of an agricultural salesperson. Not only that, but having a platform for inputting Consistent data for agricultural retail now helps solve problems related to forecasting, supply chain availability, order fulfillment and customer retention.

For more information on GROWERS Rally and to see the impact of the platform on the industry, visit the website

About GROWERS Rally

  • GROWERS Rally is available to agricultural retailers in the United States
  • It has been in testing for over a year, during which participants had the opportunity to provide feedback on the product’s features as they were released.
  • It is available for desktop and tablet use
  • The pricing model will be announced in 2022
  • Main characteristics:
    • Creation of programs and product packages
    • Create and share farm plans and tank mixes
    • Single and complete view of the client
    • Quick distribution of quotes by SMS and e-mail
    • Efficient sales pipeline management
    • Account-based forecasts
    • Instant team-wide price updates


Growers Holdings, Inc. (GROWERS) is an agriculture-focused technology company. They are developing technology that enables agricultural retailers to run better businesses through the use of data; guide decision-making regarding the planning, planting, fertilization and treatment of growing fields. GROWERS helps align agronomists, agricultural retailers and other trusted advisors around farmer success to build a sustainable and profitable future. Since 2012, GROWERS has strived to put easy-to-use technology into the hands of every farmer, advisor and salesperson in the agriculture industry.

Based in Durham, North Carolina, GROWERS employs a team of data scientists, engineers, developers and agronomists, serving a rapidly growing customer base across the United States. To learn more, visit



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