GA Inform Consumers Act Prevents Organized Retail Crime


ATLANTA — The Inform Consumers Act has been incorporated into Georgia law to prevent the resale of stolen goods on online platforms.


Governor Brian P. Kemp signed SB 332, also known as the Inform Consumers Act, which prevents criminals from selling stolen goods from retail stores on any online marketplace platform. The legislation establishes financial and contact information requirements for high-volume sellers in online marketplaces and requires these platforms to provide consumers with the ability to report suspicious activity. It also requires sellers to provide contact information to consumers when their annual marketplace revenue exceeds $20,000. Sellers who fail to comply will be prohibited from further using online marketplaces, and the Attorney General is now empowered to enforce those disclosure requirements.

“Here in Georgia, we will do everything we can to curb crime and make life difficult for those who break the law,” Governor Kemp said. “With SB 332, we are delivering another blow to organized gangs who rob Georgia stores and stores by making it much harder for them to profit from their robberies.

“I want to thank Senator John Albers as well as Rep. Houston Gaines for championing this legislation and seeing it cross the finish line. I also want to thank the members of the General Assembly who passed this bill to help us continue the fight against criminals.


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