“Food retailers are enthusiastic about Bavarian quinoa”


At first glance, one might wonder why an orchard that grows pumpkins, strawberries and cherries is now dedicated to growing rice and quinoa. However, Thomas Knab, Managing Director of Obsthof Knab, sees it as an interesting addition to his other product line. He and his brother Andreas came up with the idea after the latter was asked to conduct a product experiment for his master’s in agriculture exam – and chose quinoa. “Grocery retailers are also excited about regional quinoa. Now we can have good yields and good sales, ”says Knab.

Thomas Knab in the quinoa field

Rice can’t compete, quinoa can
“Rice, like quinoa, can be harvested and marketed in late summer and has a shelf life of three years. Quinoa, on the other hand, is available year round, ”says Knab. Its customers include food retailers and farm produce stores in Bavaria, although they have also been able to supply farm produce stores across the country and have even sold products in Kazakhstan once. “With rice, it might be difficult to follow in terms of price, because we are a little more expensive, because the production costs in Germany are of course higher than in other countries. With quinoa, however, we can keep pace in terms of quality and price. At the same time, we are average in terms of MSRP, ”says Knab. “The soils are getting drier and drier. Of course, we need something that generates sales. Quinoa will not drive wheat out of the market, but will remain a niche product. “

Good pumpkin and strawberry season, bad cherry season
Knab has been quite successful in marketing their pumpkins this year. “Colleagues had to deal with a lot of rain, which is why some of them had crop losses. Things were not looking so good for the cherries. At the end of March, we already had the first frosts. and damage of about 90%. But with our frost insurance, we were at least able to cushion the financial damage. “

Thanks to its cultivation in mini-tunnels, Knab was able to achieve good sales of strawberries from mid-May to mid-July. In this regard, 80% of sales are direct and 20% through commercial marketing with farmer friends. Likewise, strawberries are sold in vending machines of the Rösler company.

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