Digital consumers are challenging the future of poultry retail


Balancing competing consumer demands can be a challenge for poultry retailers as they look to a digital future.

For example, when it comes to delivery, digital consumers must choose between operational and environmental costs and the choice of saving money in time.

“Beyond operational costs, some consumers are concerned about the impact of this on the environment and as such are rethinking their buying decisions,” said Michelle Evans, global head, retail and consumer. digital, Euromonitor International explained during Commerce 2040: The future of the store in a digital world.

This isn’t the only time consumer demands collide, especially when it comes to e-commerce. They must also strike a balance between consumerism and minimalism, exclusivity and accessibility, personalization and privacy, etc.

“How these competing faces take shape and where specific countries, consumers and companies land on this continuum will reshape the industry for years to come,” she added.

Level of comfort with new technologies

Consumers have become increasingly comfortable with the involvement of new technologies in the retail experience. However, this largely depends on the application and the level of intrusion.

While only a third of global consumers are currently comfortable with the idea of ​​a robot chef preparing their entire meal, 41% said they were okay with robots acting as a guide to some products in a store aisle.

However, “when consumers were asked whether they preferred speaking to a human or a robot with questions about customer service, they still preferred humans twice as often,” Evans said.

Personalization vs Privacy

Digitally-savvy consumers are twice as likely to prefer personalization over other shoppers. Although they are concerned about the amount of personal data a company can have, they also believe that companies should give more value to this data.

“To cultivate these experiences, consumers need to provide more and more personal data,” Evans said. “Companies are responding by appearing to align their brand more with privacy or by launching privacy-focused products themselves.”

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