Despite Compression in the Cost of Living, Consumers Remain Committed to Sustainability as Demand for Green Retail Grows, According to Data from Sensormatic Solutions


NEUHAUSEN, Switzerland, June 07, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Although price sensitivity is rising and European shoppers’ disposable incomes are squeezed by the cost of living crisis, consumers remain committed to sustainable purchases, according to the latest data from Sensormatic Solutionsthe world’s leading portfolio of retail solutions from Johnson Controlsrevealed.

Original research of over 5,000 European buyers in its latest report – “Greener Shopping: The New Era of Sustainable Retail” – showed that consumers are strongly invested in sustainable purchases. More than a third (34%) of European shoppers said they had become more environmentally friendly since the start of the pandemic, with Spanish consumers ranking first among those whose attitudes towards purchases had become greener since the start of the covid-19 epidemic (40%), followed by the United Kingdom (37%). And this is in addition to the 10% of Europeans who were already environmentally conscious when shopping before the start of the pandemic.

And, despite growing price sensitivity as inflation on the continent continues to rise – with data from Sensormatic Solution showing that a third (32%) of European shoppers are now reducing their overall spending – sustainable products are proving more price elastic while green retail practices are continuing to drive loyal customers.

Three-quarters (76%) of European consumers say they are willing to pay at least 5% more for sustainable products, compared to 81% of Italian and Spanish shoppers. Meanwhile, 39% of European shoppers would buy more from a retailer offering green products, and almost half (48%) would buy more frequently from retailers who have chosen to make packaging more sustainable. Four in ten (41%) said local sourcing that reduced supply chain emissions would win their loyalty, while more than a quarter (27%) said sustainable delivery options would encourage them to shop more regularly with a brand.

“This information confirms a belief we have long held: prioritizing sustainable solutions is simply good business,” said Nick Pompa, GM EMEA at Sensormatic Solutions. “Facilitating sustainable retail operations has been core to Sensormatic Solutions’ business for some time; but now that same sentiment is reflected among consumers. Shoppers want to see brands make investments that support selling responsible retail at all levels, so much so that they don’t see commitment to sustainable operations as an option, but rather as an obligation for businesses.”

In an era when consumers are more considered in their spending, shoppers increasingly want to know that their customers are going to companies that are doing the right thing when it comes to the environment. 60% of Europeans would like to see more reduction in waste, including packaging waste, from the retailers they buy from. A further 40% would like to see less plastic use in retail operations, reaching 43% in Germany, while 45% would like brands to be more actively involved in recycling projects, reaching 51% in France.

Consumers with varying definitions of “sustainable practices,” ranging from installing energy-efficient displays, using alternative packaging, and participating in recycling programs, when exploring options to enhance sustainable retail initiatives, retailers can decide which options best suit their needs. business model. Modern retail analytics platforms like Sensormatic IQ, can help meet this business imperative. Sensormatic IQ’s integrated platform provides results-based insights into business operations that can highlight areas of opportunity for lasting improvements.

To learn more about consumer sentiment on sustainability, read the full survey results at Additional information regarding Sensormatic Solutions’ efforts to foster a more sustainable retail landscape can be found at the Sustainability page or in our 2022 white paper: “Our Sustainability Story in the Retail of Johnson Controls Sensormatic Solutions“.


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