Delivering what matters to consumers as Christmas approaches


Christmas is a pivotal period for traders. This can be the most demanding and important time to capitalize on seasonal demand. One in four consumers, according to PwC, intend to spend more this holiday season, with a total spending on gifts and celebrations estimated at around £ 21 billion.

The peak season of 2021 looks promising for retailers. But there will also be challenges, especially with the current uncertainty surrounding global supply chains. So how can retailers prepare for success this Christmas season and keep their logistics running smoothly? Here are three tips for a successful delivery experience:

Collaboration and flexibility are essential during peak season

As customers place those last minute orders for loved ones before Christmas, it’s important for retailers to communicate effectively about the importance of shopping and shipping early to avoid disappointment. Clear communications will avoid confusion for customers, while describing shipping options and estimated delivery dates.

Buyers also value outlets that have responsive digital channels available for customer service, which is a critical factor in building customer loyalty and encouraging repeat purchases. As more and more customers return to their workplaces and their busy lives away from home, it is also important that retailers work with delivery partners to provide flexibility, with the ability to divert and modify delivery times if possible and communicate relevant updates.

Management of returns in the new year

Every year, UK shoppers return an estimated £ 5.2bn of online purchases, with over 12% admitting that they have shopped with returns in mind, intentionally buying more than they actually have. intention to keep, according to figures from Openpay. As more and more products are purchased, the demand for returns also increases and the peak holiday season does not end on December 24. Dealing with an increase in returns is just as important as the initial shopping experience. Retailers should also partner with a logistics provider that offers an efficient and simple parcel return service, with solutions such as mobile barcode returns or customer drop-off at other delivery locations.

Our smart ecommerce report highlighted the importance of returns and noted that 52% of respondents would like to see retailers offer free returns in the future, underscoring the importance of this as we take a look at future expectations. Get the right return experience and your seasonal customers will come back to buy again. You will facilitate future purchasing decisions and increase customer lifetime value at the same time.


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