Consumers use smartphones to shop in stores


A growing percentage of consumers are using their smartphone while shopping in physical stores, and PYMNTS research has found this is just one example of how consumers are integrating physical stores into the shopping experience. digital purchase – and vice versa.

The share of physical shoppers using their smartphone to shop in-store increased from 28% in 2020 to 34% in 2021, according to The 2022 Global Digital Shopping Index, a PYMNTS and Cybersource collaboration based on a survey of 13,000 consumers. and 3,100 traders in six countries.

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Four of the countries were surveyed in 2020 and 2021 – Australia, Brazil, the UK and the US – and each found that physical shoppers were using their smartphones to help them shop in stores more than them. done in the past.

Figure 1

Shoppers most often use these smartphones to compare prices, with 15% saying this is how they use their smartphones in physical stores.

About as many – 14% – use their smartphones to search for deals and discounts and to find product information.

Ten percent of in-store shoppers use their smartphones in physical stores to read product reviews, and about 8% use these phones to locate a product in the store, confirm that a product is in stock, and build credit loyalty.

Table 1

PYMNTS research found that merchants are increasingly recognizing that consumers don’t view their shopping experiences as physical or digital, as omnichannel or multichannel, or as something they do on weekends or weekdays. For today’s consumers, it’s just shopping.



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