Consumers Spend Up To $ 200 Million Per Day On Post-Christmas Sales As Demand For Online Shopping Rises


Up to 200 million euros are expected to be spent on post-Christmas sales across the country this year, according to Retail Excellence Ireland (REI).

This is despite an expected 20% drop in sales in physical stores, as December 26 falls on a Sunday this year and footfall has dropped amid concerns over high levels of Covid-19 in circulation.

However, this will be partially offset online, as REI has said it expects online sales to increase 10% or more from last year.

Almost 250 million euros were spent in Irish stores each day in the days leading up to Christmas and it is expected that up to 200 million euros will be spent each day on 26, 27 and 28 December.

REI chief executive Duncan Graham said average spend per customer could be slightly higher this year, but overall the numbers are likely to be “in line, if not slightly lower than in previous years.”

He said December 27 would likely be busier for physical stores than St. Stephen’s Day, as it falls on a Sunday with some of the organization’s 2,000 members choosing not to open until today.

“I think the attendance in city centers and shopping malls will exceed last year but I think it will be controlled,” he said.

“I’m not sure we’re going to have a massive flood of customers through the door on Stephen’s Day and beyond.

“I think the 27th is probably going to be a busier day and I think that in general people will probably follow the trend that they have been following this Christmas, that is to say they will spend less time in the stores, simply because of Covid protocols and the need to be socially distanced and so on.

Graham said he believes people have more money to spend this year compared to 2020.

“There was some evidence as Christmas approached that although the attendance in the city center was particularly low, it was very evident that when people were inside they were spending money,” a- he declared.

“My expectation would be at least 10% growth online from pre-pandemic levels and from last year.”

“We will see a similar drop in the number of stores, probably 20% less than last year (on St. Stephen’s Day), and then it will increase over the course of the week as stores open.”

As more people turn to online shopping, banks are warning the public to be vigilant after an 86% increase in money taken from the Irish public this year compared to 2020.

Paul O’Brien of the Bank of Ireland (BOI) Security Team said that using reputable sites and paying through a secure system such as Paypal are the most important things to remember when shopping. online sales.

“It’s really about being careful, using the sites you know and going straight to the sites yourself, actually typing the web address into your browser,” he said. .

“Watch out for pop-ups on social media. That’s not to say it’s bad, a lot of genuine sites use pop-ups, just be very careful with them.

“If you see something popping up and you like the way it looks, go right to the website itself, if anyone has an offer, you will find it right on the website.

“In general, it is about buying from reputable sites sites that you know from experience or from other people.

“With something that is not as well known, do your research, but again, be careful.


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