Consumers pressed by high prices in 2021 hope for some New Years relief


Islamabad: It’s an open secret that the current government crushed an ordinary man with his bad policies and broke the backs of the public with inflation still rising in 2021, but people from all walks of life, especially the segment poor society, hope New Years will bring them some kind of relief.

Prices are rising continuously and also at a rapid rate, weighing on millions of low and middle income households and increasing risks to the country’s economy. Pakistan Bureau of Statistic (Pricing) director Muhammad Naseer told ‘The News’ that people were facing record inflation in 2021. The inflation rate from July 2021 to November 2021 was 9.32%.

‘The News’ collected data from different departments that inflation broke the back of an ordinary man in the country in 2021. All kinds of articles, especially edibles, have become out of reach for one ordinary man. The prices of ghee and cooking oil have jumped from Rs200 to Rs220 per kilogram in a year. Currently a kilogram of ghee and branded cooking oil sells for Rs400. In 2020 one kilogram of branded ghee / cooking oil was sold at Rs180-Rs200 while low quality ghee / cooking oil was readily available at Rs120 to Rs150.

The President of the All Pakistani Vanaspati Manufacturers Association (APVMA), Abdul Waheed, said that the prices of ghee / cooking oil are tied to dollar rates, so the prices have gone up too much in 2021. He admitted that the rates of ghee / cooking oil have increased from Rs 200 to Rs 220 per kilogram in 2021. If the government does not take action to stop the depreciation of the rupee against the dollar, the prices of ghee and cooking oil will increase further in 2022, he warned.

The price of the most important “attack” item also saw an increase of Rs 215 on a 20 kilogram sack in 2021. In 2020, the ex-thousandth rate of a 20 kg “attack” sack was 860 Rs, but in 2021, the government of Punjab increased its prices and set the ex-mill rate at Rs1075. But in retail stores, a 20 kilogram bag of “attack” is available at various prices ranging from Rs1250 at Rs1600.

District Food Controller (DFC) spokesperson Muhammad Ali said the price of a 20kg “attack” bag increased by Rs 215 in 2021. mentioned. Likewise, the price of a 950 gram tea bag has increased to Rs 210 in one year and it is now sold at Rs 1,100 against the previous rate of Rs 890 in 2020. The prices of all brands of detergents in powder increased from Rs 80 in a year from Rs 270 to Rs350 per kilogram.

The prices of all pulses have increased from Rs40 to Rs100 per kilogram in a year. Now Daal Masar is sold at Rs220 against Rs120 in 2020, Daal Mash is available at Rs260 in 2021 against Rs180 in 2020, black chickpeas are sold at Rs160 in 2021 against Rs120 in 2020, white chickpeas are sold at Rs200 per kilogram in 2021 compared to Rs 120 in 2020. The Pakistan Pulse Wholesalers Association (APPWDA) has warned of a further increase in prices of all kinds of pulses in the coming days. If the government did not make the decision to import pulses from foreign countries on time, we would face the worst pulse shortage in the coming days, they warned.

The government of Punjab has increased the prices of mutton by Rs 200 per kilogram and beef by Rs 200 per kilogram in 2021. The government of Punjab has set one kilogram mutton at Rs 1,200 and beef at Rs 650, but butchers sell mutton at 1600 Rs and beef at 700 Rs.

Chicken prices have increased permanently from Rs100 to Rs150 per kilogram in 2021. A kilogram of chicken meat was readily available at Rs150 to Rs200 in 2020, but is now available at Rs250 to Rs350 for the whole of 2021.

The PTI government failed to control sugar prices in 2021, which is why profiteers and hoarders plundered the public with both hands. A kilogram of sugar sells for between Rs 90 and 150 in open market stores. Eggs have increased prices of Rs70 in one year while a dozen eggs sell for Rs190 in 2021 against Rs120 in 2020.

The prices of all kinds of powdered milk powder for children have increased from Rs 200 to 230 per 1 kg, while the prices of toffees, chocolates, cookies, chewing gum, etc. for children increased from 5 to 20 Rs in a year. Dairies have increased milk prices from Rs40 from Rs90 to Rs130 in 2021. “roti” prices have increased from Rs2 from Rs10 to Rs12 and “naan” prices from Rs5 from Rs10 to Rs15 in 2021.

According to Islamabad Electricity Supply Company (Iesco), the PTI government increased by 3.40 rupees per unit of power in 2021.


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