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E-commerce will continue to roar no matter what the markets do this quarter or next. What will change is the mix of brand and merchant programs that consumers will stick with, and which will not.

What is becoming clear – and now clarified and verified by data – is that the retail subscriptions, loyalty and membership programs that consumers prefer are those that find a way to rise above the transactional , adding value by knowing the whole consumer.

In relational commerce: create a long-term commitment with the brand, a PYMNTS and Control groove collaboration, we surveyed more than 2,800 consumers participating in a mix of subscription, membership, and loyalty programs to find out how these dial-up programs deliver results.

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  • 75% of consumers will buy more products from the companies they partner with

Relationship commerce has some superpowers, but the gift is in the name. Consumers with recurring revenue relationships with merchants and brands report that the overall trust and reliability of their chosen vendors is so good that they intend to do more.

“On average, 75% of consumers with business connections will buy more products from the companies they associate with, and 90% who believe these companies understand their shopping preferences are likely to buy more products from them. “, according to the study.

graphic, commercial relationships of consumer interestFor a real surprise, we segmented by relationship category, finding that 95% of consumers with retail subscriptions and feeling brand affinity “say they will buy more products from them, as do 95% of consumers who participate in loyalty programs who feel close to these brands.”

  • On average, 60% of people in business relationships feel more connected to brands

Consumers who sign up and stay engaged with retail subscriptions and memberships stay because they feel these brands “get” them as consumers and as people, putting the “relationship” into relationship commerce – its strongest attraction.

According to the study, “consumers of retailer relationship commerce programs report feeling that brands better understand their shopping preferences. Seventy-two percent of consumers with retail subscriptions, 65% with retail memberships, and 67% who participate in retail loyalty programs feel this way.

graphic, benefits that sounds can offer

  • 52% of loyalty program members say discounts or offers are the most important benefit

Savings are always popular – even among those who can easily afford something – and we’ve seen consumers place a high value on discounts and offers, especially in 2022.

The advantage of platforms that allow subscription and membership brands to create and apply attractive discounts is therefore very useful when, as the study indicates, “about a third of consumers with subscriptions or retail memberships and 52% of those who belong to loyalty programs”. grams say discounts or offers are the most important benefits they receive from their existing relationship with a brand. “

Get your copy: Relational commerce: creating a long-term commitment with the brand

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