Cadbury Dairy Milk urges consumers to stock up on chocolate to make their everyday moments sweeter in its latest campaign

  • With the pandemic creating new snacking opportunities, the campaign urges consumers to stock their fridges with Cadbury dairy milk to turn everyday moments into a “meatha” celebration.
  • It is conceptualized by India.

Cadbury Dairy Milk has launched a ‘Fridge Mein Meetha, Toh Ghar Meetha’ campaign, which shows how storing ‘meetha’ at home can go a long way to making your everyday moments sweeter. With people spending much more time indoors, the campaign highlights the everyday occasions when consumers open their fridges for smaller moments of pleasure, knowingly or unknowingly; thus, elevating their daily moments.

As the pandemic creates new snacking opportunities, the campaign urges consumers to stock their fridges with Cadbury Dairy Milk to turn everyday moments into a ‘meetha’ celebration. It also refers to Mondelez Indiais to always provide consumers with the right snack, at the right time, prepared in the right way.

Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Anil Viswanathan, Vice President – Marketing, Mondelez India said, “A part of India’s festive and fun times for the past seven decades, Cadbury Dairy Milk continues to be synonymous with the word chocolate in the country. Our latest ‘Fridge Mein Meetha, Toh Ghar Meetha’ campaign highlights the occasions when a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk can transform otherwise mundane moments into sweeter moments and how these happen every day and in every home. As a leader in snacking, we want consumers to stock Cadbury Dairy Milk in their fridges and create opportunities for category growth beyond instant consumption. We believe brands that engage with consumers as they nest at home will have a deeper connection and help build lasting relationships.

Sukesh Nayak, Creative Director at Ogilvy India says, “Fridge Mein Meetha, Toh Ghar meetha” is a campaign inspired by the evolution of our lives. Today we have found the time to discover the moments of joy at home that we did not have before. The campaign focused on home consumption lands beautifully on this point, if there’s a Cadbury in the fridge, it has the sweetness to make every moment of our lives that much sweeter. Shekhar Banerjee, Chief Client Office & Head – West, Wavemaker India adds, “We are very excited about this initiative as it opens up a huge growth opportunity for the category. One of the most difficult tasks for marketing is to create new habits and we will put to the test our behavior change framework based on the 4 pillars of containment, continuity, conversion and content. This is just the start of our journey.

The campaign includes 6 heartwarming videos that bring to life everyday stories of people resorting to their fridge to indulge in their favorite chocolate. Some of these beautifully captured moments include simple situations that India has only become more aware of in the past two years of the pandemic. Whether it’s mid-work snacking, midnight cravings, recovering from the heat of spicy foods, or bribing our loved ones with a Cadbury bar, these shorties are sure to strike a chord with every consumer. .

Determined to forever make its mark in every Indian household, “Fridge Mein Meetha, Toh Ghar Meetha” is poised to make a deeper cultural connection through a multi-year, high-decibel disruptive marketing campaign. Forging a relationship between all generations of Indian households, Cadbury Dairy Milk plans to entice shoppers to store the brand on the back of various touch points – advertisements, on-pack interventions, interactive online retail strategies and offline, digital, etc.


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