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Payday loans, i.e. loans granted for lower amounts, short repayment periods and in most cases only on presentation of an ID card, are very popular among Poles. Their ads attack us from everywhere – on TV, on the radio, in the press, and on the street. The sale of this type of product is done by numerous non-bank institutions, also known as parabanks, which offer a wide range of financial solutions. Statistics say that payday loans currently make up about 20% of all loans taken by our countrymen. According to the National Debt Register, more than half of the population of our country has benefited from this type of financing at least once. This is understandable – payday loans are often a good way to repair your home budget, pay current debts, make a present for a loved one, or go on vacation. Often, the funds obtained in this way help to survive the difficult period associated with a serious illness or death of a loved one. The popularity of payday loans comes from the possibility of taking out loans very quickly and repayment tailored to our possibilities.

Search for a payday loan debt consolidation program? It is here

As obtaining them is relatively easy – it does not require many formalities or checking creditworthiness – in a fairly short time, you can become the owner of several payday loans, the repayment of which can be an increasing burden. In addition, you have to remember about different repayment dates of individual installments, which can lead to arrears, which can be big trouble to catch up. So what to do in a situation when we cannot afford to pay back the obligations incurred as part of payday loans? The answer is the consolidation of payday loans. Why is this the best solution? Thanks to it, we reduce the cost of servicing our loan, we receive one, lower installment and one repayment day, which is of great practical importance. Another advantage is the fact that in most cases it is the consolidation of payday loans online – we complete all formalities via the Internet. Do you need it? 

Do you want to regain peace? Online payday consolidation without BIK is the solution for you

Consolidation of payday loans without BIK, i.e. one, lower installment and one repayment date

Being a person who has many loans from various financial institutions, it is difficult to get another loan that would greatly facilitate their repayment. The consolidation of payday loans without BIK is a solution that significantly reduces the monthly cost of liabilities arising from loans. Repayment of loans becomes easier not only due to the fact that the installment has fallen but also for a very prosaic reason – we pay only one installment, once a month, so we minimize the risk of missing a date when it must occur. It also has considerable psychological significance: consolidation of payday loans without BIK is a kind of “fresh start”, because the new lender pays our debts so far, which allows us to breathe and focus on regular payment, without worrying about urgent prompts, unpleasant calls from creditors or also unpleasant SMS arriving several times a day. It is worth emphasizing that the loan obtained in this way makes sense only when we really intend to get out of debt and manage our financial resources more wisely.

What is a consolidation of payday loans without bases? Is my report checked in BIK?

What is consolidation of payday loans without bases? Is my report checked in BIK?

So what is the consolidation of payday loans without BIK? As the name suggests, it involves consolidating, that is, bringing together all of our commitments to various financial institutions. The company in which we consolidate our payday loans will pay off all our loans and then grant a new, “combined” loan. Its amount depends on the total level of debt that we want to consolidate. The amount obtained in this way is divided into the number of months during which we want and we can pay it back. That’s how we get a new, lower installment – so we pay back only one commitment, which we need to remember only once a month. Thus, all our existing loans, which are often past due, are repaid, and we can repay the new loan, this time without delay and on schedule. For many customers, this is a huge relief and a good motivation not to fall behind with settling liabilities. Consolidation of payday loans online without BIK is also characterized by a relatively small amount of formalities – all thanks to the completely remote process of applying for it. All you have to do is complete an uncomplicated application online to enjoy your debts and peace of mind after you have examined it successfully.

In addition to consolidation and one lower installment, you can also choose more cash

The consolidation of BIK payday loans allows us not only to pay off our obligations and get one, lower installment. It is also often a chance to obtain additional cash for our other needs. Then, of course, the amount of the loan we apply for is higher than the sum of the liabilities we consolidate, and the surplus generated in this way goes to us – to our bank account or in cash. Companies that provide this type of financing are not interested in what the money is used for, so they can be used for any purpose we choose, depending on current needs. It is worth remembering, however, that the consolidation of BIK payday loans is primarily intended to help in getting out of the current, usually onerous, debt rather than increasing our troubles. So we should seriously consider whether we need such extra cash – however nice to have and spend it – really. It is not a free gift, and we will pay back the obligation thus incurred.