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27% of consumers plan to dine out in the next 3 months

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The pandemic continues, but little by little, we are venturing out. The digital shift is also firmly in place, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to be stuck inside staring at screens forever.

With the vaccinations in place, we can’t wait to get out there, return to our favorite real-world activities, reunite with friends and loved ones. But a certain caution reigns.

In the report “The Post-Pandemic Consumer at 18 Months: Spend Now, Worry Later,” PYMNTS surveyed nearly 2,500 residents and found that half of them said they planned to do some workout. shopping, traveling and dining more often over the next three months. Just over a quarter said they plan to dine out in the next few months. But data shows concerns persist: around 62% of those polled said they still have economic problems related to the pandemic, and nearly half still have health problems.

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But concerns about actually contracting COVID have waned in recent months, standing at around 29% of those surveyed, as at the start of the pandemic these fears were widespread among more than 72% of consumers.

When asked how they plan to change their behaviors in the future, in addition to dining out, just over a quarter of consumers said they plan to travel to their country.

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