Borrow money with AOW benefit / Pension

A mini loan is always possible

A mini loan is always possible

First this: up to 1500 USD you can always get a loan, namely a flash credit. Given the small amount, the risk is relatively minimal for the lending party. They even go so far that hardly any documents need to be submitted with the application for these loans, just your proof of ID! Your further situation or income does not matter for this product.

And a BKR test is also not necessary, which means that even with a negative BKR registration you are eligible for this. As a result, the application process was sent very quickly, already within 5 minutes. And the money is already in your bank account within 24 hours after approval. This makes it a good solution in emergencies and financial emergencies.

Quick mini loan

Quick mini loan

There are two providers for this in the Netherlands: Bankate, the global market leader, and the Dutch counterpart Eicredit. Their conditions are exactly the same, and they are therefore subject to exactly the same regulation and control from the AFM. In the past there were many more parties, but the AFM intervened here due to many abuses. You can therefore trust these two parties.

However, see this type of credit really as a bridge. The lead times are short: 1 to 2 months. But handy if, for example, you want to buy a new camera for the vacation of a lifetime, or really have to replace your car because your previous one cannot be repaired. And so you can think of some situations.

But you must be so with probability bordering on certainty that you have about 30 to 62 days somewhere receives money to pay off again! For example an extra payment, return of your energy supplier or something in that direction…

Do you realize that the short duration also entails a big advantage, because this means that the absolute interest costs are immediately a lot lower. After all, you pay interest per time unit! Two calculation examples:

Imagine borrowing 400 USD. Then you have to pay this back after 30 days, plus the interest that is 4.32 USD

If you borrow 600 USD, you can repay this in two installments: half after 30 days and the rest after 62 days. The interest will then cost you 9.61 USD.

If you need more than the 1500 then there is more hassle involved. In addition, there are a number of things that you play: